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    Youthful Glowing Skin

    No matter what your skin concern may be, together we will create a treatment plan and give your skin that consistent care it needs.

    Getting a facial is one way to make sure you are taking care of your skin! Skin treatments can smooth the skin, improve the skin’s ability to retain hydration and overall even out skin tone.

    Fight the signs of aging and help renew the skin.​

    Plasma Pen:

    The largest and most powerful process of natural plasma we know; a lighting strike.

    We refer to Plasma as the 4th element. When the 3 elements are combined (Solid, Liquid & Gas), they create a static charge causing a spark that is visible to the human eye therefore creating Plasma. Plasma utilises a controlled amount of energy to create an instant contraction of the skin fibres for skin corrections.

    Plasma can be used for Acne, Lifting & fractional. It can be used on all area’s of the face including eyes.

    Plasma pen is the worlds most advanced, non-invasive skin tightening treatment that can be used to treat various skin concerns.

    The device can assist with: Eyelid tightening (including lower eyelids and excess upper eyelid skin) Removal of skin imperfections (including skin tags and sunspots) Improving the appearance of acne scars.


    LED Therapy:

    Created by NASA when conducting a study using LED wavelength of 600nm-880nm for wound healing.

    LED is non-invasive, non-ablative & non-thermal.

    Benefits include:

    – Increase of blood circulation.

    – Increase of Lymphatic flow.

    – Increased proliferation of fibroblast.

    – No side effects or down time.

    – Face, neck and chest can be treated in one time.

    – Reduces inflammations, flushing and redness.

    – Improves skin texture, tone & clarity.

    – Reduces pore size.

    – Reduces the appearance of crow’s feet.

    – Reduces skin degradation.

    – Minimises the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

    – Improves pigmentation.

    – Reduces pain.

    – Wound healing.


    Skin Needling:

    Micro-needling is a controlled minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that’s used to treat skin concerns via collagen production.

    Skin Needling works by creating micro punctures in the epidermis. These small punctures are referred to as microtrauma and are the key to the treatment’s success.

    The microtrauma caused from the needling stimulates an immune response through inflammation to repair the damaged tissue and outer skin layer.

    Also known as collagen induction therapy.

    This treatment can help with:

    – Scars.

    – Acne.

    – Striae Distensae.

    – Pigmentation.

    – Rosacea.

    – Laxed Skin.

    – Sun Damaged Skin.

    – Reduces Enlarged Pores.



    Also known as Dry Microdermabrasion (without hydro infusion) increases the wound healing response and exfoliation.

    The diamond tip used will buff and exfoliate all over the skin and stimulate blood circulation through the movement of the wand.

    In wound healing the body goes through 4 phases – in Microdermabrasion itself; it only goes through 2 phases.

    Phase one: Defensive/Inflammatory Phase.

    Phase two: Maturation Phase.

    This treatment can help with:

    – Enlarged pores.

    – Dry dehydrated skin.

    – Congested or blemished skin.

    – Improves uneven Pigmentation/Hyperpigmentation.

    – Improves and Reduces Acne Scarring.

    – Fine lines, Wrinkles and Aged skin.

    – Dark circles and puffiness.

    – Dull, Tired looking skin

    – Sun damage skin.

    – Helps with Lymphatic drainage.

    – Improves circulation.

    – Improves Blood flow leading to Collagen production.


    Hydrodermabrasion :

    Is a gentle solution to Microdermabrasion!

    It uses a diamond tip wand, which is a crystal free method, too gently exfoliate the skin. The hand piece slowly glides across the face, in an inwards/outwards technique.

    The suction tip helps remove dead skin cells in a gentle, non-invasive manner, which encourages circulation, lymphatic drainage and collagen production. The hydro wand emits a liquid which infuses the skin with serums/solutions, in accordance to client’s skin concerns. ​

    Benefits include:

    All the same benefits as Microdermabrasion plus;

    – A higher hydration, resulting in deeper penetration.

    -The dermal infusion if active serums, remodels collagen, elastin and rebuilds the dermis. The mechanical stimulation activates the basal layer, thickening and smoothing the epidermis. Great for laxing skin or compromised skin.

    – Holistic approach as it utilises the natural healing powers if water and oxygen to effortlessly and painlessly exfoliate the skin without use of harsh hard micro-crystal has and textured wands.

    – Hydrated, firmer and smoother skin results.


    Oxygen Infusion Facial:

    The gun is based on new technology that delivers pulsated oxygen and specially formulated skin serum deep into the epidermis, which promotes healthy skin restructuring, elasticity and firmness.

    Oxygen rejuvenates and promotes healthy, vibrant skin.

    it will visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles and dramatically rejuvenates your skin. Oxygen water spray is rapidly becoming the ‘ultimate’ in the world of celebrity skincare.

    Benefits include:

    – Rapidly supply nutrients and moisture for the skin.

    – Exfoliates and smooths the skin.

    – Evening out skin tone.

    – Promotes skin healing.

    –  Improves Chlorosis and dull skin.

    -Restores a youthful glow and firmer looking skin.


    Micro-current Facial:

    Micro-current facials tighten and smooth the muscles and connective tissues in the face by increasing cellular activity, and have been shown to reduce wrinkles.

    The Bio Current duplicates the flow of human energy through generating electrical currents.

    It can accelerate micro-vascular blood circulation and improve cell absorptivity so that the client’s skin can retain more moisture and elasticity.

    Benefits include:

    – Reduction of fine lines.

    – Restoration of youthful glow.

    – Visible firming and contouring.

    – Reduction of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.


    AHA Peels:

    Alpha hydroxy acid peels are an ideal treatment for busy people who are unable to take time off work for a deeper peel or laser resurfacing.

    They gently retexture the skin over a few months.

    The treatments are also helpful in stabilising oily or acne-prone skin and improving skin tone.

    AHAs are primarily used to exfoliate your skin.

    This helps remove dead skin cells but also makes way for new skin cell generation.

    As you age, your natural skin cell cycle slows down, which can make dead skin cells build up.

    When you have too many dead skin cells, they can accumulate and make your complexion look dull.


    Jessner Peel:

    Jessner peel helps reduce acne, acne scars, ingrown hair, pigmentation, melasma and skin ageing.


    Renew Peel:

    Renew Peel leaves the skin feeling smoother, brighter and more hydrated. It improves uneven skin tone, sun damage, scars and age spots. It helps with skin firmness, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.


    Resurf 20% & 30% Peel:

    Salicylic Acid peel aids in acne reduction, it is comedolytic, desmolytic, reduces inflammation, lowers oil production, improves hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

    Enzyme Peels:

    The enzyme peel is made from fruit enzymes.

    It both nourishes and sloughs off dead skin cells, creating the perfect ph balance for your skin.

    It also fights free radical damages, which causes premature aging, by removing the top layer of skin and exposing newer skin.

    Other benefits include anti-aging, clear skin, minimized pores, and clearing acne scars.