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    LED Therapy


    Red, Yellow, Green, Blue & Hybrid Colours

    Created by NASA when conducting a study using LED wavelength of 600nm-880nm for wound healing.

    LED is non-invasive, non-ablative & non-thermal.

    Benefits include:

    – Increase of blood circulation.

    – Increase of Lymphatic flow.

    – Increased proliferation of fibroblast.

    – No side effects or down time.

    – Face, neck and chest can be treated in one time.

    – Reduces inflammations, flushing and redness.

    – Improves skin texture, tone & clarity.

    – Reduces pore size.

    – Reduces the appearance of crow’s feet.

    – Reduces skin degradation.

    – Minimises the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

    – Improves pigmentation.

    – Reduces pain.

    – Wound healing.



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