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    Also known as Dry Microdermabrasion (without hydro infusion) increases the wound healing response and exfoliation.

    The diamond tip used will buff and exfoliate all over the skin and stimulate blood circulation through the movement of the wand.

    In wound healing the body goes through 4 phases – in Microdermabrasion itself; it only goes through 2 phases.

    Phase one: Defensive/Inflammatory Phase.

    Phase two: Maturation Phase.

    This treatment can help with:

    – Enlarged pores.

    – Dry dehydrated skin.

    – Congested or blemished skin.

    – Improves uneven Pigmentation/Hyperpigmentation.

    – Improves and Reduces Acne Scarring.

    – Fine lines, Wrinkles and Aged skin.

    – Dark circles and puffiness.

    – Dull, Tired looking skin

    – Sun damage skin.

    – Helps with Lymphatic drainage.

    – Improves circulation.

    – Improves Blood flow leading to Collagen production.



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