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    Skin Needling (Face)


    Full Face

    Micro-needling is a controlled minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that’s used to treat skin concerns via collagen production.

    Skin Needling works by creating micro punctures in the epidermis. These small punctures are referred to as microtrauma and are the key to the treatment’s success.

    The microtrauma caused from the needling stimulates an immune response through inflammation to repair the damaged tissue and outer skin layer.

    Also known as collagen induction therapy.

    This treatment can help with:

    – Scars.

    – Acne.

    – Striae Distensae.

    – Pigmentation.

    – Rosacea.

    – Laxed Skin.

    – Sun Damaged Skin.

    – Reduces Enlarged Pores.



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